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06 Aug 2019

Dear all,

I'm delighted to inform you that Terry Hyman, Hon Treasurer and Vice President of LMVCC has been awarded a Middlesex CCC Outstanding Services to Cricket Award (OSCA). The award will be presented at Middlesex's T20 Match at Lord's on 22 August - myself and Adam Brand will represent Terry (who had a pre-booked holiday already in the diary!)

As an award winner, Terry will also attend (and be nominated) for the National OSCA Awards Ceremony at Lord's in October.

Terry has been an LMV member since 1969. During his playing career, he has taken (I say "has" as he turns out in extremis still) over 1,100 wickets and holds the club record of 68 in one season (he can take you through each one if required). He has also scored valuable "lower order" runs when called upon to do so.

Even more noteworthy has been Terry's off the pitch contributions, including:

* 11 years as Club Chairman (two stints)

* Club Treasurer (still held)

* Team Secretary and Fixtures Secretary

* Numerous other voluntary roles.

It is not just the fact that Terry holds (and continues to hold) these positions that show his dedication to the cause, but equally importantly the way he carries them out and the fact that he is always willing to put the club first, for example being our most loyal Sunday afternoon supporter and, if needed, umpire.

Outside of LMVCC, Terry ran the Middlesex Sunday League for many years (and remains affiliated to the organizing committee).

Put simply, LMVCC would not exist in its current form without him and he has been and continues to be the best ambassador for Jewish and grassroots cricket more generally one could ever wish to meet.

We are all very proud of his achievements. I am sure you join me in wishing Terry and his family a huge Mazel Tov.

Alex Haffner
Club Chairman


TWITTER: @lmvcc